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Audrey Mini Teabag Rest


The perfect tea bag rest to keep your tea time pretty



The Perfect Tea Bag Rest to Keep Your Tea Time Pretty

An Adorable Sugar Spoon in Multiple Colors

You’ll fall in love with this cute mini spoon rest. It is the perfect size for a sugar spoon or a tea bag and takes up very little space so it fits right next to your Keurig at work.

This spoon rest is also the perfect size to be used as a stocking stuffer. It is mailed to you in a tiny white box with black tissue paper that can quickly be tucked into a stocking. Any coffee lover or tea lover will adore this useful and distinctive gift.

A teaspoon rest to keep your counter pretty

  • Crafted from stoneware clay so the spoon rest is both durable and pretty.

  • Handmade in Wyoming, MI 

  • Each spoon rest is carefully screen printed with hand drawn illustrations.

  • Exclusively featured on Magpie Mischief Shop. You won’t find this anywhere else.

  • Each purchase is in the mail between 1-3 business days after ordering.

Tea Time Calls for Some Delicious Snacks

Perfect Recipes For an Afternoon Tea Party!

A gorgeous spoon rest for teaspoons and a perfect resting spot for your tea bag.

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