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Ceramic Flower Frog | 12 Hole Design


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NEW! 12 Hole Ceramic Flower Frog

Turn Any Container into a Vase

Looking for an easy way to create stunning flower arrangements? Look no further than Magpie Mischief ceramic flower frogs! These handmade beauties are designed to fit a wide-mouth mason jar, so you can quickly and easily create beautiful professional bouquets. Perfect for wildflowers, store-bought bouquets, and dried flowers, the circle hole pattern creates a beautiful effect with stems perfectly separated. Add a touch of delight to your décor with Magpie Mischief ceramic flower frogs!

Size: 4″ diameter, fits a wide mouth mason jar

*mason jar not included

Bring Back Fresh Flowers into Your Home

Reduce Stress and Boost Creativity

  • Made to fit wide-mouth mason jars and larger containers for a quick and beautiful everyday flower bouquet. Perfect for wildflowers, store-bought bouquets and artificial flowers
  • Handcrafted ceramic flower frog without dangerous metal pins that poke or rust. Allow the little ones in your life to help you arrange the wildflowers they picked for you.
  • The circle hole pattern creates a beautiful bouquet with stems perfectly separated for a stunning table centerpiece.