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Ceramic Sponge Holder | Gianna Cottage


The perfect home for your sponge

Dish Sponge Holder Details:

  • Size: 3″x 1.5″ x 4″
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Our Ceramic Sponge Holder is
The Perfect Home for Your Sponge

Keep Your Sponge Clean and Dry

Are you tired of seeing your messy sink? Then don’t let your sponges get in the way! It’s time to get your hands on Magpie Mischief’s Gianna Cottage Sponge Holder.

This sponge holder will definitely look pretty when placed on your countertop, and you’ll see yourself smile at the sight of it. But it doesn’t stop being just a decoration — this cute sponge holder also keeps your sponges clean and dry.

The white and black dish sponge holder is carefully handcrafted in Wyoming, Michigan. Having this adorable kitchen sink holder at home will make your house look stylish and will surely catch your guests’ attention.

Besides being an effective sponge holder, you may also use it as a napkin or mail holder. It is 3″ x 1.5″ x 4″ in size. Don’t just settle for plain house decoration. Grab this gorgeous ceramic sponge holder and perk up your home by adding the perfect modern kitchen décor!

This darling kitchen sponge holder looks adorable on any countertop and keeps your sponge dry and clean. The perfect modern kitchen decor, this white and black sponge holder is handcrafted in Wyoming, Michigan. 

Because it is so unique, our cute sponge holder will often be a focus of conversation for guests and will make you smile each time you go to do the dishes. 

Not only does this piece of handmade pottery art work as a ceramic sponge holder and organizer, but it also can function as a mail or napkin holder. 


Kitchen Sink Sponge Holder Details:

  • Size: 3″x 1.5″ x 4″


The Wonderful Warmth of Handcrafted Pottery