• garden stakes
  • Sage and Pink Garden Marker
  • Sage White Herb Sign
  • Basil Garden Label
  • Basil Pink Tag
  • White Parsley Label
  • Pink Parsley Garden Marker
  • Yellow Basil Marker
  • Blue Basil Marker
  • Marigold Chives Stake
  • Blue Chives Sign
  • Yellow Cilantro Marker
  • Blue Cilantro Marker
  • Yellow Dill Stake
  • Blue Dill Herb Marker
  • Mink Garden Marker
  • Blue Mint Stake
  • Yellow Oregano Garden Stake
  • Blue Oregano Marker
  • Blue Parsley Marker
  • Yellow Parsley Stake
  • Yellow Rosemary Garden Marker
  • Blue Rosemary Marker
  • Yellow Sage Marker
  • Blue Sage Sign
  • Blue Thyme Herb Stake
  • Yellow Thyme Marker
  • Chives Herb Marker
  • Chives Herb Marker
  • Cilantro Herb Marker
  • Dill Garden Marker
  • Dill Garden Marker
  • Mint Coral Marker
  • Cilantro Herb Stake
  • Mint Garden Stake
  • Oregano herb marker
  • oregano garden marker
  • rosemary garden marker in coral
  • rosemary herb marker

Herb Garden Marker


Darling herb markers perfect for a bright window herb garden.

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Darling Herb Markers Perfect for a Window Garden

Unique and Cute Garden Labels Handmade in Michigan

These gorgeous garden markers are carefully crafted so that you can adorn your favorite plants with cute garden labels. Each of these herb signs for the garden come in both pink and white so that you can choose which markers that will best fit your decor.

 Each design is hand drawn and lettered by me. I then transfer these designs myself (nothing is ever drop shipped here!) using a screen printing method so that each marker is slightly unique.

See our plant pot markers set of six here.


These Markers are a Useful and Distinctive Gift Perfect for Gardening Lovers

  • Non-porous so that dirt easily washes off for storage

  • Durable and weather-resistant so that you can use them year after year without any fading

  • 6 inches x 3/4 inch large so that you can easily identify your plants

  • The backs and sides of these decorative plant labels are left unglazed so that you can write planting notes in pencil on the back

  • Each design is hand drawn and hand lettered by me and individually screen printed so that you will see minor variations in each design–no two are exactly alike

  • No automated machinery in my studio. Each stake is formed by hand with white clay so that each one is unique

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