• coral dirty or clean dishwasher magnet
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  • yellow dishwasher magnet
  • blue dishwasher magnet
  • blue dirty/ clean dishwasher magnet
  • green dishwasher magnet
  • mint green dishwasher magnet

Natalia Dishwasher Magnet


A Pretty Dishwasher Magnet for a Beautiful Kitchen Space



Are the Dishes Clean or Dirty?

Increase efficiency and keep track whether your dishes are clean or dirty with this pretty accessory for your dishwasher

  • Handcrafted in Michigan

  • Change the way you do dishes! Goodbye to the days of wondering if your dishes are clean or dirty.  

  • Please note: some dishwashers may look magnetic but are not. Be sure to test your dishwashers ability to hold a magnet.

  • Size: 2 inches diameter


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