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A Charming and Useful Cake Tester

When baking a chocolate cake, it can be a bit tricky to ensure that it’s done all the way through without damaging the cake.

Thankfully, cake testers are here to save the day! These handy little baking testers are perfect for reaching where other utensils are either too much (seriously forks are not a good option) or can’t reach the bottom of the cake (toothpicks are also a problem here).

With a baking skewer, just insert it into the center of your cake or baked good and pull it out. If there’s no batter stuck on it and you have a clean baking pick in your hands, that means your perfect cake is ready to eat! Bon appetite!

  • The stainless steel skewer is food safe

  • The height of this cake tester is about 8.5″