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Sidney Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Maker

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Enjoy the Vibrant Flavor of Pour over Coffee

Serve the best pour over coffee at home

Enjoy the vibrant flavor of your favorite coffee shop at home this holiday season with a handmade ceramic pour over. 

The brewing process of pour over coffee accentuates the smooth and savory flavor of your favorite coffee as it allows more flavor to be extracted from the grounds. 

Additionally, a handmade fitted cloth filter is included with each pottery pour over. We are proud to collaborate with Courtney from the Eco Hippie to provide cloth filters that don’t affect the flavor of your coffee (unlike paper filters) and have a smaller environmental impact.

 You can choose to add one ceramic coffee pour over and one reusable pour over coffee filter from the Eco Hippie to your order from the drop down menu


How to make pour over coffee

1 review for Sidney Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Maker

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    Bought this as a Christmas gift. It’s beautiful and functional. My daughter LOVED this as a gift and marveled at the beauty of your unique creation!

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