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A Chocolate Cake Recipe Everyone will Love

Everyone loves delicious chocolate cake. But Texas Sheet Cake? That’s a whole other level. Even my eight-year-old son–one of the pickiest eaters on God’s green earth, I assure you–would scarf down half the cake if I let him. I can hardly blame him!


What Makes this Texas Sheet Cake recipe So Special?

Growing up, my brothers and I loved visiting my aunt. Sure, she was a fun, kindhearted woman and all that lovely stuff. But O sweet Mrs. Claus, this woman could bake. Seriously. North Pole level magic. In particular, there was something otherworldly about her chocolate cake. You couldn’t find that perfect zing anywhere else. Little did I know, that was because her twist on traditional chocolate cake called for–wait for it–sour milk. 

Well, it so happens that while rummaging through my mom’s cabinet one Saturday, I happened across.. my aunt’s top secret recipe on an old recipe card!! You will assume that I am exaggerating when I tell you that it began to softly glow. More likely, I was the one glowing. Especially after I made the cake… BECAUSE IT REALLY WORKED!!

You ready for my aunt’s secret Chocolate Cake? 

How Do you Know When Your Chocolate Cake is Done?

When baking a chocolate cake, it can be a bit tricky to ensure that it’s done all the way through without damaging the cake.

Thankfully, baking picks are here to save the day! These handy little tools are perfect for reaching where other utensils are either too much (seriously forks are not a good option) or can’t reach the bottom of the cake (toothpicks are also a problem here).

With a baking pick, just insert it into the center and pull it out. If there’s no batter stuck on it and you have a clean baking pick in your hands, that means your perfect chocolate sheet cake is ready to devour! Bon appetite!


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