Thoughtful Bridal Shower Gift Ideas She’ll Love

Unique Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Summer is prime wedding season especially up here in Michigan. Whether it’s on a beautiful vineyard lined with ripening grapes, in a field filled with gorgeous untamed wild flowers, on a beach with a soft lake breeze or wherever, summer means weddings. And sometimes finding the perfect and unique bridal shower or wedding gift can be tricky!

Here’s a guide to some fun and specialized bridal shower and wedding gifts: 

A Personalized Wedding Dress Hanger

Etsy, $8.99

What a fun bridal shower gift that can be used well after the bride’s wedding day! It’s a special way to personalize your gift and also makes for an awesome picture of her wedding dress.

Monogram Serving Board

Crate & Barrel, $50

This monogrammed serving board is perfect for late night snacks, hosting guests or family get togethers. I mean, who isn’t into a good charcuterie board at any time of the day?! I love how simple and personalized these are!

50 Scratch-Off Date Night Idea Book

Amazon, $60

Looking for a unique gift for a fun-loving, adventure seeking friend? Here’s an awesome date night book! Each idea or activity is a scratch off so the couple can’t see what it is before they try it. It lists the estimated cost, time of day to do the activity and duration of how long it will take. There’s also room to add pictures and notes from the memories made during that date activity. I wish someone would have gifted me this book years ago!

Floral Apron

Anthropologie, $32

One gift I always wished I would have received before my wedding was a cute apron. Take a look at this adorable Anthropologie apron. This is just an example of what the bride to be could have, but an apron not only protects you from grease and the messes of cooking, but can also be a fashionable kitchen accessory.

A Personalized Jewelry Box for the Bride

Etsy, $16

This is another cute and personalized gift that can be used on more than just her wedding day. The bride can use this on her big day for the special jewelry she’s planned to wear and also pack jewelry for traveling and trips for years to come! 

For Women Only & For Men Only Books

Amazon, $11 each

I highly recommend these books in preparation for any marriage or relationship. It gives a very authentic and real look into the ways men and women’s minds work and process information. It was eye opening for me and made me better understand my spouse, which helped me support and love them more. 

Personalized Wedding Map

Positive Prints, $49

This wedding map is a perfect addition to a new home after the wedding day. There are lots of different options for wood finishes for the frame as well as print designs to match the look and feel of their home. What a sweet and thoughtful way for the newlyweds to remember their special day and decorate their walls.

The Family Cookbook

Uncommon Goods, $30

I am such a sucker for traditions and love the idea of this cookbook! What a great way to pass heirloom recipes on to future generations with this customizable cookbook.

A Personalized Pillow Throw

Etsy $24

This is another fun specialized gift which a bride can use for her home – whether it’s a current home or a new one after the wedding, this gift can help their “house” become their “home.” 

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